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How Bearings Design Make Our Lives Easier to Bear 2020

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How Bearings Design Make Our Lives Easier to Bear 2020

Issue Time:2019-04-19

How Bearings Design Make Our Lives Easier to Bear

Ever since bearings were created they have become very popular and are used in many items that we own and utilize every day. Bearings design makes people's life easier than before. People use bearings everywhere. Some applications of bearings include automobiles, engines, crane hooks, and fuel pumps to name a few. 

Ball Bearings Design in Automobiles

how bearings design make life easier to bear

In automobiles, ball bearings in the vehicle are the rolling elements utilized to reduce the amount of rotational friction between the vehicle and the ground it runs on, such as cement roads. The ball bearings support axial and radial loads as well to maintain balance during speed changes or sudden braking while the vehicle is in operation.

The location of ball bearings in automobiles are inside the wheels of the vehicle in a slot called the cage. While the vehicle is operating, the bearings run around the cage and they evenly distribute the load of the automobile while it is running. If your carload has exceeded the weight limit while you are driving, you may notice a reduced more exhausting driving experience because the bearings cannot handle the weight of the vehicle.

Bearings Design in Engines

engine bearing

In different types of engines, there are different types of bearings. In a two-cycle engine needle, roller bearings are used. A larger surface area has high radial loads in a limited space. A needle roller bearing has rollers that are at least four times the length of a roller bearing.

In a turbine engine, roller bearings are used to accommodate larger loads. They have a larger surface contact than ball bearings so they will not be susceptible to deformation. Roller bearings more evenly distribute weight over cylinder line contacts. This allows moderate thrust loads.

There are engines in many items we use every day from automobiles to lawnmowers, to motorcycles. They would not be able to function as well as they do without bearings.

Thrust Roller Bearing in Crane Hooks 

thrust roller beqring in crane hooks

In crane hooks, thrust roller bearings are used to transmit the load between the bearing’s raceway to handle the radial loads. Thrust bearings can also self-align account for shaft deflection and alignment errors.

Now that the construction season is ramping up there will be many cranes working on the construction projects. All of the cranes will contain thrust roller bearings in order for them to work properly.

Tapered Roller Bearing in Fuel Pumps

In fuel pumps, tapered roller bearings are used. These bearings use tapered rollers between tapered inner and outer ring raceways. They are angled in order for their surfaces to converge at the bearing’s axis. Tapered bearings handle large loads in either direction unlike much of the bearings that only accommodate either axial or radial loads.

Fuel pumps are important to those who drive an automobile to get to and from work or running errands. Making sure it works smoothly is best for your vehicle.