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Complete Guide on How to Eliminate The Fault of Needle Roller Bearing [Easy]

Complete Guide on How to Eliminate The Fault of Needle Roller Bearing [Easy]

Dec 6,2019

Complete Guide on How to Eliminate The Fault of Needle Roller Bearing [Easy]

Bearings have many types and needle roller bearing is a type of roller bearings with cylindrical rollers, which are often found in automobiles or motorcycles in our daily lives.  However, needle roller bearings cannot be used in order to avoid some failures.

Needle Roller Bearing 

Common faults of needle roller bearings and their causes:

Failure modes:

(1) The bearing is difficult to rotate and generates heat;

(2) There is abnormal sound during bearing operation;

(3) Bearings vibrate;

(4) Needle bearing inner race is peeling and cracking;

(5) Its outer ring is peeling and cracking;

(6) Indentation on bearing raceways and rolling elements.

Analysis of  Failure Cause:

(1) Firstly, check carefully before assembly. Before installing the needle bearing, it is necessary to clean and carefully inspect the inner and outer races, rolling elements and cages of the bearing for rust, burrs, bumps, and cracks; check whether the bearing clearance is appropriate. Whether the rotation is brisk and free, and whether it is suddenly locked.  At the same time, check the shaft diameter and the size, roundness, and cylindricity of the bearing housing hole and whether there are burrs or unevenness on the surface.

Secondly, for split bearing housings, it is required that a gap of 0.1mm ~ 0.25mm between the joint surface of the bearing cover and bearing base and the outer circular surface of the outer race to prevent "clamping gangs" at the "groove" on both sides of the outer seat "The gap caused by the phenomenon is reduced, the wear is accelerated, and the bearing is damaged prematurely.

(2) Improper assembly. The improper bearing assembly will cause the various types of failures described above, as well as the following situations:

  1. A mismatch between a needle roller bearing accessories
  2. Incorrect assembly method
  3. Improper temperature control during assembly;
  4. There is a clearance adjustment error during the installation
  5. Coupling is not right;
Needle roller bearing 

Methods to eliminate needle bearing failure:

(1) When replacing the bearings, carefully check the new bearings, and at the same time carry out a detailed inspection of the shaft diameter, bearing seat holes and rotor;

(2) Install and remove the bearings, strictly carry out the overhaul process and carefully operate to avoid bearing damage caused by improper assembly and disassembly;

(3) Refuel and change the oil on time to ensure that the bearing working condition is always in good condition;

(4) Check carefully during operation, find hidden troubles, and eliminate them in time.

In conclusion, the above is all about needle roller bearing common failure and some methods on how to avoid these failures. If you have any questions or suggestions about needle roller bearing feel free to leave a message or contact me.