Industry solutions

  • Shengyaowang company insists on large-scale production.While reducing cost and ensuring quality, we insist on providing customers with suitable products. The flowings is the key of large-scale production:

    Larger factory:

    The factory covers an area of 10,000 square meters. It is located in no.22 golden monkey road, desheng town, dalian city, liaoning province. There are more than 100 professional bearing production equipment and instruments, and more than 300 employees. We pay attention to the plant's greening and make contribution to ecological harmony while ensuring production.

    Advanced production equipment:

    1. Main parts machine processing equipment: lathe, internal and external grinding machine, raceway finishing machine;

    2. The post-process assembly, cleaning, grease, grease, rust prevention and other processing equipment.

    3. Detection equipment: roundness instrument, oil gap instrument, vibration detector, etc.

    A large number of production lines:

    automation and semi-automatic production line, can complete the production of 20,000 products per month.

    The large number of employees:

    we have always maintained the stability of the staff, with more than 300 employees, most of whom are long-term stable and have rich working experience. We pay attention to the quality training of employees and physical and mental health care to create a healthy and relaxed working environment.

    Excellent management team:

    we insist on staff training, the accumulation of experience, cultivate a group of outstanding talents, set up a good management group. Constantly inject fresh blood to ensure the work passion and innovation.

    Broad market vision:

    through the accumulation of 18 years of experience, we have different professional view from other companies, accurately analyze the market prospect, and continuously expand the product testing market.

  • A large amount of inventory products can shorten the order advance period, stabilize external demand and internal production, prevent product shortage and terminal, and we can meet the customer's order quantity whatever is small or large. Our warehouse is the customer's warehouse, we will wait for you forever as long as you need!


    after 18 years of development, we have our own large warehouse, warehouse management mode of responsibility-oriented, timely clean and improve quality guarantee on all of the products

    Production materials:

    we insist on the purchase of high quality raw materials, reserve the materials needed for production. We can satify the customers' different manufacturing needs timely

    Circulation inventory:

    we reserve a large number of spare parts to meet the needs of domestic and foreign sales.

    Customer reserves:

    for our long-term cooperation customer need for judgment analysis of market-oriented, timely to store customers need spare parts, to meet customer needs, reduce the stock up time, supply more efficient service to the customers.