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The Benefits of Needle Roller Bearings

The Benefits of Needle Roller Bearings
Issue Time:2019-04-04
needle roller bearing

A needle roller bearing is defined as a bearing that utilizes small cylindrical rollers. The purpose of the rollers is to reduce the friction of arotating surface.

In comparison to ball bearings, needle roller bearings have a larger surface area that comes in contact with the bearing raceway journals.

Advantages of Needle Bearings

The needle roller bearing has many benefits when compared to other types of bearings. They have a higher load capacity in comparison to other roller bearings of comparable single-row ball or OD. Needle roller bearings offer good rolling characteristics in a small cross section. They are also inexpensive compared to other types of bearings.

Needle roller bearings have lower inertia forces which are able to facilitate size and weight reductions in machinery. They also have greater rigidity.

More benefits to needle roller bearings are their ability to withstand oscillation, perform well when put under severe conditions, and are interchangeable with sliding bearings.

The Different Types of Needle Roller Bearings

There are a number of different types of needle bearings that are available in a great variety of sizes and tolerances, for a wide variety of applications.

Needle roller and cage assemblies are available in single or double row, split or solid cage, inch and metric sizes along with connecting rod bearings for special applications. One type are single and double row bearings.These are available with ribs or without and with or without inner rings.

Also offered in single row roller and cage assemblies are thrust bearings. There are yoke and stud type track rollers available too.

The Use of Needle Roller Bearings

Needle roller bearings are utilized most in the automobile industry.They are actually included in some automobile components such as pumps, rock arm pivots, transmissions, and compressors.

There are at least eight needle roller bearings in the drive shaft of a rear-wheel drive automobile. If the vehicle is designed to operate on steep slopes of if it is longer than usual, more of these bearings are included.

The needle bearing has been available for the past 70 years. Over these 70 years the basic design of the bearings has not been altered too much,but SUN BEARING introduces advanced developments having resulted in new cage designs to better its service life considerably.