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Damage of bearing residual magnetism

Damage of bearing residual magnetism
Issue Time:2019-03-21
The residual magnetism of the finished bearing was caused by incomplete demagnetization and was not discovered in time. At present, there are still some bearing manufacturers that use the method of suction rivets to determine the residual magnetic strength of the bearing when the final inspection of residual magnetism is performed, instead of the magnetometer, because residual magnetism often exists in a certain part or even a certain point of the bearing. The use of rivet inspection is neither accurate nor low, but the test with the magnetometer is quick and accurate. As long as it is used properly, it is not easy to cause problems. Therefore, it is recommended that the manufacturer use the magnetometer to check the residual magnetism. So what harm does residual magnetism have on the use of bearings?

Residual magnetic bearings, the metal particles remaining on the working surface are not easily washed away, and even the metal particles generated by the equipment during operation may be adsorbed on the working surface of the bearing, which will accelerate the wear of the bearing and reduce its Service life.

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