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Complete Information about Rod End Bearings 2020 [Right Now]

Complete Information about Rod End Bearings 2020 [Right Now]

Issue Time:2019-10-08

Complete Information about Rod End Bearings 2020 [Right Now]

rod end bearing

Rod end bearings are mechanical joints. It is common and it has wide applications. They are essential in nearly all mechanical devices that require mechanical controls. Rod ends bearings are typically found in steering links, control rods, and tie rods. In other words, basically where a machine requires any precision articulating joint or it's unnecessary to use a clevis end. 


Materials of rod end bearing are steel, stainless steel, high-carbon steel, and aluminum. A rod end bearing is essentially a ball swivel with an opening through which can pass a bolt (or other attachment). Press into a circular casing to which attached a threaded shaft (either male or female). Male rod end bearings feature external threading while female rod end bearings have internal threading.


Similar to a human bone joint, using rod end bearings on the ends of control rods, allowing them to rotate in a precise and controlled manner. The advantage of this is that the bolt or rod passing through the ball may stagger any angle other than ninety degrees. Steering columns in most vehicles require rod end bearings, enabling the tie rods to rotate in accordance with the direction of the wheel. Female rod end bearings appear in helicopters, allowing technicians to fine-tune the direction of the blades.

Installation and disassembly of rod end bearing

  • Where the press is missing or unavailable, install the end rod joint bearing with an assembly sleeve and a small hammer. Transmit the hammer force evenly over the entire circumference of the end face of the end rod joint bearing ring. Therefore, we can make the end face of the mounting sleeve become spherical.
  • The force required to install the end rod articulated bearing has a relationship with the articulated bearing size. For medium or large articulated bearings with a large amount of interference, people usually use hot-fitting. Put the end rod bearing or detachable bearing ring into the fuel tank or special heater before heating. And then evenly heat it to 80-100 ℃, not more than 100 ℃.
  • Hot-rolled spherical plain bearings require operating skills. When removing the joint bearing from the heating oil tank or heater. It immediately wipes the oil stains and attachments on the joint bearing surface with a clean cloth (don't use cotton yarn). And then place it in front of the mating surface.
  • Push the joint bearing against the shoulder of the shaft. During the cooling process, always push tightly, or tap the joint bearing tightly with a small hammer through the assembly sleeve. When installing the end rod joint bearing, rotate the joint bearing slightly to avoid the installation from falling or getting stuck.
  • When fitting the outer ring of the end rod joint bearing and the housing hole tightly, heat and install the housing into the joint bearing. Especially for light metal joint bearings, during the tight-fitting process, the mating surface may have damage due to the outer ring pressing. In this case, It's important to heat the end rod joint bearing first.