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Long bearing life: The Original "Bearing Clearance" Application Is A Secret

Long bearing life: The Original "Bearing Clearance" Application Is A Secret
Issue Time:2019-09-23

Long bearing life: The Original "Bearing Clearance" Application Is A Secret


What is bearing clearance?

Simply put, bearing clearance is the clearance (or interference) between a single bearing or a system of several bearings. Clearance can be divided into axial clearance and radial clearance, depending on the type of bearing and the measurement method.


Why adjust bearing clearance?

For example, cooking with too much or too little water can affect the taste of rice. Similarly, if the clearance of the bearing is too large or too small, the working life of the bearing and even the stability of the whole equipment will be reduced.


Bearing types suitable for different adjustment methods

The method of clearance adjustment is determined by the type of bearing.

Non-adjustable clearance bearing means that the clearance of the bearing is determined after the bearing leaves the factory. Deep groove ball bearing, adjustable center bearing and cylindrical bearing, which are familiar to us, belong to this category.


Clearance adjustable bearing means that the required clearance can be obtained by moving the relative axial position of the bearing raceway.


Bearing clearance adjustment classification

For the clearance of non-adjustable bearing, the industry has corresponding standard values (CN, C3, C4, etc.), and specific clearance ranges can also be customized. When the size of the shaft and bearing seat is known, the corresponding amount of fit between the inner and outer rings is determined, and the clearance after installation cannot be changed. Since the fit amount is a range in the design stage and there is also a range in the final clearance, it is not applicable in applications that require clearance accuracy.


Adjustable bearing solves this problem well. By changing the relative axial position of raceway, we can get a definite clearance value. As shown in the figure below, when we move the position of the inner circle, we can roughly get the positive and negative gaps.


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