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Billets go up by 3,700! First - and second-tier steel price rise, steel price rise

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Billets go up by 3,700! First - and second-tier steel price rise, steel price rise

Issue Time:2018-08-30

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June 13, the domestic steel market continued to slightly pull up, Tangshan Pufang billet tax factory price rose 10 to 3700 yuan per ton. In the new round of steel price adjustment, Bao steel, Sha steel, river steel and other mainstream steel mill shave increased prices to varying degrees, drivng up the cost of goods merchants. At the same time, low inventory and environmental factors, the market confidence is still. However, trading volume has slowed down after today's rally, the hot weather downstream demand is not stable, the marketstill needs to be cautious.

13, the black system futures strong shock run. On that day, the main force of stage snail was more volatile, and the tail plate fell back, and continued above MA5. DIEF andDEA lines intersected upward. The third line of RSI index was in the range of60-90.

The recent environmental news continues to ferment: on the one hand, it has been reported continuously in cities such as Zhenjiang, Changzhou, and Zhangjiagang in recent two days. On June 24th, June 11th, solstice, the provincial air pollution supervision team started to supervise and secretly inspect various regions, but the specific production control plan for each steel mill has not been issued yet.

On the other hand, according to My steel's research, with the end of the Shanghai summit, the 11 steel enterprises affected in the surrounding area of Qingdao have returned to normal, except 2 are still under routine maintenance, and another 3 will return to normal in the near future. The two steel mills in Lianyungang are aware previously limited to 30 percent production and may begin to resume production.

In the first half of June, the domestic steel market was more volatile, and there were environmental production restriction factors, as well as downstream rigid demand, which prompted the continuous decline of steel inventory. However, with the hot rainy season deep, and some steel production, the market should not be overly optimistic.

The futures market can use environmental production limits to pull up steel prices, or steel prices can be reduced through steel mill production, short-term steel prices are expected to remain high, but the rise space is limited, continue to focus on inventory changes