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What are the specific requirements for the packing of the bearing?

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What are the specific requirements for the packing of the bearing?

Issue Time:2018-08-22

bearing package

Bearing packing and outer packing.

After the bearing is manufactured and tested, it is cleaned and treated with rust, and then put into the inner package to achieve the purpose of waterproof, moisture-proof, dust proof, shock-proof, maintaining the quality and precision of the bearing as well as making it convenient to use and sell.

The inner packing of the bearing is divided into three categories according to the rust prevention period:

Packaging with short rust-proof period: 3 ~ 6 months of rust-proof period, suitable for mass delivery to the same subscriber and put into use in a short time. According to the agreement of both parties, simple packing is adopted for the principle of convenient use.

General rust-proof package: one year rust-proof, suitable for general purpose bearings.

Bright long rust - proof packaging: two years rust -proof, suitable for special and precision bearings.

The inner packing material of the bearing is polyethylene plastic tube (box), kraft paper, plain paper and wrinkle polyethylene compound paper, paper box, polyethylene or polyethylene plastic film, nylon fastening belt or plastic woven fastening belt, waterproof high strength plastic belt,jute bag, etc. All the above materials shall be qualified for the corrosion resistance test.

Principle requirements of bearing inner packing method:

Miniature bearings: each 10 ~ 15 sets of bearings a repacked into a plastic tube, each 5 ~ 10 plastic tubes are packed into a paper box (or bag, roll).

Medium and small bearings: multiple sets of bearings are wrapped with polythene film, kraft paper or polythene composite paper. Multiple sets of bearings are loaded into a plastic barrel (box); The single bearing is packed in polythene film bag, folded or sealed before being put into a carton.

Big bearings: wrapped in a single sheet of polythene film or polythene composite paper, then packed in a carton; Use a polythene film bag, a single package after folding bag mouth, and then into a carton; Single package into special plastic box; Single three - layer wrapping: inner with polyethylene film tape or composite paper tape, middle with fastening tape,outer with waterproof permeable plastic tape.

High-speed ultra-large bearing:

Single three-layer wrapping package (same as above);

Single by four wrapping: after the three wrapping layers,the outermost layer is then wrapped in a linen band.

For separable tapered roller bearings with an outer diameter of 150 mm, polyethylene film shall be padded before the inner and outer components, or the inner and outer components shall be separately packed. For interchangeable cylindrical roller bearings with an outer diameter of 150 mm or more, generally the inner and outer components can be separately packed separately due to the vulnerability of complete package.

General materials and requirements for bearing outer packing are as follows:

The total weight (gross weight) of each carton is no more than 25 kg, and the carton is packed with plastic straps.

The total weight of each box shall not exceed 30 kg, and the box shall be bound with blue steel straps for external use.

Golden calcium plastic corrugated box, the total weight of each box is not more than 25 kg, box like to use plastic packing tape tied.

The bearing products with inner packing should be packed in plastic bags or plastic films. If there is any gap in the box, it shall be filled with dry materials such as corrugated paper pieces and paper scraps.