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Does your company organize activities frequently?--Tianmen canyon drift

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Does your company organize activities frequently?--Tianmen canyon drift

Issue Time:2018-08-06

Recently,Dalian has been experiencing continuous high temperature in the north of China withthe temperature above 30. Generally, the summer temperature  is below 30 in Dalian.Under such continuous high temperatures, the company organized a group ofemployees to travel to Tianmen canyon to escape the heat. It can not onlymake employees feel cool and refreshing, but also make them relax in a month ofintense work, and make the company more cohesive. Does your company organizeactivities frequently?

bearing trade company

On August4, 2018, we went out in the morning , about two hours' drive, through verdanthills and green waters, arrived at tianmen gorge at noon, and started ourdrifting activities. There were a lot of people waiting in line at the ticketcounter, and we were waiting patiently while planning how we could have abetter time.

Duringthe drifting process, we named the boat we took as "SUNBEARING no.1". Our team slogan is "Fire in the hole". As we went down theriver, we felt the coolness of the canyon’s  water. Splashing water with different people,nodding, smiling and talking with different people, and enjoying life in thevalley.

SUNBEARINGhas always insisted that "you should not only work hard, but also enjoy live".Sheng Yao Wang International Trade Company is looking forward to creating abetter life with you!