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Replacement and replacement cycles of lubricants

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Replacement and replacement cycles of lubricants

Issue Time:2018-06-25

In order to ensure that the lubrication of the bearing is always in good condition, the lubricating oil should be replaced regularly when lubricated by oil. Oil bath lubrication as long as the operation temperature is not more than 50 , and no pollution occurs, usually 1 year in acan. But with the rise of temperature, the replacement cycle reduced, such as the operation temperature of 100 , have to change once every 3 months. Using circulating oil lubrication, whether should the circulation speed of engine oil and engine oil after cooling, the oil change period can only through the test run of oil regularly check, depending on the oil if there is a phenomenon of pollution and oxidation.
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Due to the increase of mechanical action, aging and pollution, the grease filled in the bearing configuration will gradually lose its lubrication performance.Therefore, the grease needs to be constantly replenished and renewed. The interval time of grease filling will vary with bearing formation, size and speed. In addition, under the condition of the bearing temperature over 70 , the temperature rise every 15 , the time interval between the supplement of the grease is reduced by half. The double-sided closed bearing has been loaded with grease during manufacture. The service life of the grease can generally exceed the service life of the bearing.