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Which do you prefer, Brazil or Belgium

Which do you prefer, Brazil or Belgium
Issue Time:2018-07-06

Brazil against Belgium, although always feeling Brazil is strong, but objectively the winning rate is still half.

First, from the personnel strength, Belgium is not worse than Brazil, in the case of Carlos Henrique Casemiro isn’t playing, the hardness of centre-backis even slightly better, worse than Brazil is just don't have the kind of creativity in the first half.

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Second, we should not look Belgium down because of the score of the Japanese team. That is, Belgium failed to play the right game and avoided the long run. Once Belgium adjusted, Japan was passive. Belgium VS Brazil, the right way is definitely not penetrate the right middle, is to storm the both sides.The two sides who is Brazil's relatively weak link (especially Marcello unavailable).Send the ball to the center frequently, and combine the high,middle and low, this way is not only create more opportunities, also can be made with a critical point defense. William will be forced to defend. Brazil should base on the defensive. So I don't think Belgium is going to let Brazil handle the ball comfortably, but it's going to start the attack, and Brazil is going to stabilize the defense and look for a counterattack.football

Third, Brazil has a hidden danger is very flabby (not lax), playing the relaxed attitude has good and bad, good is don't panic and random, few mistakes; The downside is that Brazil has yet to withstand a real attack from a strong side, and it is hard to say whether it can remain stable if it is too relaxed.

Fourth, there is a problem in Belgium, is the lack of small clever cooperate, Belgium is not a lack of player, but a lack of understanding, like Brazil street football of the tacit understanding

Therefore, based on the above reasons, I think the match between Braziland Belgium is 5-5, but it does not mean a draw, advanced ball will be better.

The above analysis comes from SUNBEARING