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Flange Bearings

Flange Bearings
Issue Time:2019-08-07

Flange Bearings

flange bearing

Flange bearings, also known asflange mounted bearings or flange units, are used to mount ball bearings to aperpendicular surface. The term ‘flange’ refers to a projecting flat rim,collar, or rib on an object, serving for strengthening or attachment or formaintaining position on a rail.

With flange bearings, the sealed bearing is contained inside apreassembled flanged housing, allowing the inner ring to rotate freely within arobust and stable environment.

There are many different types of flange bearings, allengineered for a specific application and all with different designs and cages,as well as load and performance capabilities. All flange bearings, however, aredesigned to be highly robust and resistant to water or contaminants. This makesthem ideal for supporting heavy loads such as additional mounted apparatuseswith rotary or linear motion.

Flange bearings are also much easier to replace compared topress-fit rotary bearings, as the housing can be unbolted and removed.

The housing, a precision-ground surface perpendicular to thebearing axis, comes with either two, three, or four mounting holes, and can bediamond-shaped, triangular or square. With so many different variations, it’sunderstandable that flange bearings are made from a wide selection ofmaterials.

The most common are cast iron, lightweight die-cast zinc,pressed steel, plastic, nylon, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), acetal polymersand stainless steel. Each unit is fitted with a spring-lid oil cap as well asrubber grommets to reduce noise and vibration.

Flange bearings are used in several different industries but arecommonly seen in lighter-duty applications such as automated conveyors, beltdrives, machine construction, food industry, medical processing, and someagricultural machines. Their ability to handle heavy loads and resistance towater and chemicals, makes them ideal for food industry processes, despitetheir limited temperature ranges.

Flange bearings are durable and versatile units that can bebeneficial for many different applications. If you’re in the market, make sureyou choose the correct bearing type for your particular application, to avoidunnecessary wear and tear.

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