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Complete Guide on How to Install Pillow Block Bearing [Step by Syep]

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Complete Guide on How to Install Pillow Block Bearing [Step by Syep]

Issue Time:2018-11-02

Complete Guide on How to Install Pillow Block Bearing [Step by Syep]

how to install pillow block bearing

Pillow block bearing is a bearing unit that combines a rolling bearing and a bearing seat. Most outer spherical bearings have spherical outer diameters and are installed together with bearing housings with spherical inner holes. They have various structural forms, good versatility, and interchangeability.

1) Check and Clean the Shaft of Pillow Block Bearing

First, check your shafting to ensure it is clean, round, straight, free of burrs and nicks, and is not undersized or oversized, per the manufacturers' specification. Use fine sandpaper or scotch bright to clean the shaft of any rust. Then use a light coat of oil to remove any debris. 

shaft of pillow block bearing


2) Position the Pillow Block Bearing on the Shaft

When placing the mounted bearing on the shaft, if it is necessary to tap the bearing into place, use a mallet and a hardwood block or soft steel tube against the inner ring. DO NOT strike or exert pressure on the housing or seals.
pillow block bearings

3) Lightly Bolt the Housing to the Mounting Structure

Locate the bearing shaft in position by lightly bolting the housing to the mounting structure. Bridge over the housing mounting bolt slots with heavy washers, or heavy spring lock washers. This may help prevent loosening.
mounted bearing

4) Establish the Final Mounting Position of Pillow Block Bearing

Prior to securing the bolts, establish your final mounting position by aligning the bearing units by hand or a rubber mallet. 
bearing holder

5) Securely Bolt the Housing to the Mounting Structure

Once the bearing is properly aligned, securely bolt both units to the mounting structure.
bearing housing

6) Ensure the Shaft Can Move Axially

Ensure that the shaft can move axially through the bearing bores to confirm proper alignment. If this cannot be done, loosen the housings and realign the shaft. 
bearing bracket

7) Tighten Both Collar Set Screws

Tighten both collar set screws, and then rotate the shaft and alternately tighten to the manufacturer recommended torque values. If a torque wrench is not available, tighten the set screws until a permanent twist is established with an Allen wrench. 
bearing pedestal
If you are using an expansion unit, always lock the fixed bearing first. Move the expansion bearing axially to center in the housing. Once centered, alternately tighten the set screws on the expansion unit as you did on the fixed unit. 
bearing unit