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Complete Guide on How to Install Split Spherical Roller Bearing [Step by Step]

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Complete Guide on How to Install Split Spherical Roller Bearing [Step by Step]
Issue Time:2019-08-02

Complete Guide on How to Install Split Spherical Roller Bearing [Step by Step]

The split spherical roller bearing is one of the important basic components and it has wide applications in many fields. Split spherical roller bearings are difficult to install and disassemble. These bearings are suitable for low speed and harsh environments. The easy installation and disassembly of the bearing reduces equipment downtime and increases the production efficiency.

split spherical roller bearing

Mount FAG split spherical roller bearings in split housings without the need for additional machining or replacement of the housing. If the internal dimensions are the same, it is also suitable for housings made by other manufacturers.

To ensure that the inner ring has the required tight fit, you must match the shaft to h6 to h9 tolerances with the same tolerances as the shafts normally used for non-split bearings. So using adapter sleeves or withdrawal sleeves to do that. The tolerances of the housing bore are the same as those for the housing bore, which is usually H7 or H8.

Split spherical roller bearing installation steps

The installation process of split spherical roller bearings instead of non-split spherical roller bearings:

1. Support the weight of the rotor.

roller bearing

2. Disassemble the bearing housing.

roller bearing

3. Dismantle the old bearing (use the cutting machine to cut the non-split bearing with the adapter sleeve or the withdrawal sleeve).

bearing installation

4. Place the half outer ring under the bearing housing, align the inner ring mounted on the shaft, and then screw the two inner rings together.

spherical roller bearing

5. Install the remaining parts and install the upper half of the outer ring.

roller bearing installation

6. In order to make the bearing load, the shaft is lowered

double row bearing

7. Install the upper part of the housing.

bearing housing


For separable bearings, you can install the inner and outer rings separately. In other words, it simplifies the installation process, especially when both the inner and outer rings need an interference fit. When installing the shaft with the inner ring in place into the bearing housing which contains the outer ring, you must pay attention to check the inner and outer rings. It is in order to avoid scratching the bearing raceways and rolling parts.

If cylindrical and needle bearings use an inner ring without flange or an inner ring with flange edges on one side. It's better to use a mounting sleeve. The outer diameter of the sleeve is equal to the diameter F of the inner ring raceway. And the tolerance standard for machining is d10. Therefore, it's better to install needle roller bearings with a mandrel.