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3 Steps on How to Install Tapered Roller Bearings Properly [Works Quickly]

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3 Steps on How to Install Tapered Roller Bearings Properly [Works Quickly]

Issue Time:2018-10-30

3 Steps on How to Install Tapered Roller Bearings Properly [Works Quickly]

How to install tapered roller bearing

Tapered roller bearings are separable bearings. The inner and outer rings are separated. You can press the inner ring retainer assembly on to the shaft. When you press the sleeve, you should place one end of the sleeve on the end face of the outer ring and not on the sloping raceway surface.

People generally use tapered roller bearings in pairs.  And three aspects are very important during installation: choosing installation coordination; adjust the axial clearance; test the bearing running, and detect the temperature.

The selective fit of tapered roller bearings

taper roller bearings

The outer ring of the original roller bearing and the housing hole of the bearing housing should not adopt interference fit. Because of the taper roller bearing adopts an interference fit, it is easy to change the contact angle of the bearing. It may result in uneven load distribution of the bearing and high-temperature rise. Therefore, you must match the inner and outer rings of bearing with the mounting of the journal and housing bore.

Adjust the axial play

For the mounting of taper roller bearings, adjusting the nut on the journal, thread on the washer, and the borehole of the bearing seat, or by pre tightening the spring can adjust the bearing clearance. Working conditions determine the bearing axial clearance, the distance between bearings, shaft, and bearing material. For high load and high-speed taper roller bearings, adjust the clearance you must consider when the bearing temperature influence on axial clearance. Reduce clearance volume estimation causes temperature rise. That is to say, the axial clearance is bigger to the appropriate adjustments.

For bearings with low rotating speed and bearing vibration, you should not apply any clearance or preloaded installation. The purpose is to make good contact between the roller and the raceway of taper roller bearing and to evenly distribute the load. So as to prevent the roller and raceway from vibration impact damage. After adjustment, the dial gauge detects the size of the axial clearance. Fix the dial gauge first on the fuselage or bearing seat.

Test run and test temperature

In order to make the taper roller bearings have good contact with the raceway and obtain proper axial clearance. After installing the taper bearings and adjusting the clearance you can carry out the test run and temperature step.

The method is to run at low speed for 2-8 minutes, then at medium speed for 2 hours, and then step by step to high speed. The test run at each speed shall not be less than 30 minutes. The temperature rise rate shall not exceed 5 degrees Celsius per hour, and the final stable temperature shall not exceed 70 degrees Celsius.

In addition, during installing and adjusting the clearance of taper roller bearings, it's important that the tapered roller must be in good contact with the inner ring big baffle.