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How long have you not walked ten kilometers to see the scenery around you

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How long have you not walked ten kilometers to see the scenery around you

Issue Time:2018-07-13

company activityHow long have you not walked ten kilometers to see the scenery around you

walking festivalDalian is a beautiful seaside city, SUNBEARING is constantly growing in this beautiful city, is also in this beautiful city to appreciate the countless beauty ceaselessly.This year SUNBEARING will organize all staff to attend the grand activity “walking on food”.

Dalian international hiking activity is a social organization approved by Dalian municipal government and affiliated to the municipal sports bureau. Dalian international hiking activity sponsored by Dalian’s government and organized by Dalian hiking association. The purpose of the conference is "peace, health and exchanges". The hiking convention is an annual activity for all the people to walk along the beautiful seashore for ten or even twenty kilometers.

Dalian sceneryHikers from allover the world come all the way to Dalian to hike Xinghai bay, Binhai road and four major schools together with Dalian people. Employees from all directions gathered together to experience the Dalian hike. Beginning from Dandong port, walk along the beach, then to 18 turns, GuaiPo (Strange hillside), GuaiPo attracts large numbers of tourists every year, many visitors want to watch the magical thing about this GuaiPo, for mysterious GuaiPo itself, most also want to find out. GuaiPo,is referred to as Strange hillside, can great visual is clearly understood as uphill, but the car on the neutral, but sliding upwards, it is not in conformity with the general laws of nature, although this kind of phenomenon have appeared in many places in China.

Along the way,SUNBEARING's staff talked and laughed. This is what a company should be like, not only working,but also having fun. If we go out more, we will have more inspiration to guides along the way. Hope to you who see this article , also go out for a walk,see the mountain flowers and green grass, listen to the birds and the wind.

source of the picture:Taken along the road