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The development of China's bearing industry is unstoppable

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The development of China's bearing industry is unstoppable

Issue Time:2018-04-12

bearing industry

    Bearing is a part of the bearing shaft,which is called "mechanical joint", which is an indispensable part ofmodern machinery equipment.

    The bearing industry in the modernindustrial sense arose from the late 19th century to the early 20th century.Since the 1950 s, with the aerospace, nuclear industry, electronic computer,photo electromagnetic instrument, precision machinery, such as the rapiddevelopment of high and new technology, the world bearing industry into acomprehensive innovation period, manufacturing technology rapid development,varieties, bearing accuracy, performance, life is becoming more and more matureand perfect.

    Before the 1960s, the bearing industrywas dominated by European and American countries. Since the 1960s, Japan hasgradually replaced the monopoly position of European and American countries inthe field of micro and small bearing. After entering the 1990s, with thecontinuous improvement of our country's production technology, in the field ofmicro and small bearings, Chinese bearing enterprises have started to competewith foreign enterprises.

    According to the national bureau ofstatistics, China's bearing industry in October 1, 2015 the main businessincome is 2225.49 one hundred million yuan, in 2014, main business income is274.1 billion yuan, increased from 2005, 2005 yuan 2005 yuan, compound growthrate of 18%. It is expected that future bearing growth will slow down, butbecause the bearing is a necessary part of all kinds of machinery, the increasewill not be lower than the GDP growth rate.

                                     bearing trends

    The growing income of bearing industrycomes from the recognition of China bearing by the world market, which is notonly the advantage in price, but also the improvement in quality. SUN BEARING,has been following the development of China's BEARING industry, innovationbanner, just to make the world recognized brand!