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Q: What are radial and axial bearings?

Q: What are radial and axial bearings?

Update Time:2019-07-26

A: According to SUNBEARING technical  staff axial or thrust bearings are designed to withstand forces in the same direction as the shaft. This is called an axial load or a thrust load . In some applications, ceramic bearings (a radial bearing ) are used to withstand high rotational speeds. The rolling element is ceramic, which is lighter than steel. This reduces the centrifugal force of the ceramic bearing at high speed .

Radial ball bearings designed to withstand perpendicular to the axial direction or a radial force loads . Some ball bearings capable of withstanding applied to the shaft in radial and axial loads , the combined axial / radial bearing load by a contact angle axial achieved . The angle of  these axial radial bearings allows axial loads and radial loads to be more evenly distributed along the axial angular contact ball bearings .

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