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Comprehensive Analysis on What are Features of BELTOP 8 Ball Bearings

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Comprehensive Analysis on What are Features of BELTOP 8 Ball Bearings

Issue Time:2019-07-29

Comprehensive Analysis on What are Features of BELTOP 8 Ball Bearings

BELTOP 8 ball bearings are high-reliability and low-friction bearing. And people specially developed it for belt-type continuously variable transmissions (CVT), which helps to improve the reliability and efficiency of CVT. Therefore, the belt-type continuously variable transmission transmits engine power through belts and pulleys and has continuous step-less speed regulation capability.

The performance of the BELTOP 8 bearing is as follows:

1, Configuration, structure and technical parameters (Figure 1)

bearing structure

8 characteristics of BELTOP 8 in the configuration

  • Subject the inner and outer rings to special heat treatment (UR, HTF). So, it can extend the service life;
  • Extend the bearing life and improve card bit resistance by using special heat treatment (UR EQTF) balls;
  • Longer life, less friction and lighter weight due to the use of plastic cages;
  • Implement complex functions by setting appropriate internal technical parameters;
  • Compact, lightweight bearings (narrow offset channels);
  • Introduce a non-creep outer ring (high stiffness outer ring) to prevent creeping;
  • Prevent bearing block wear by adding a solid lubricating coating (new function);
  • Suppress cross-shoulder defects (new function) by rounding the channel ribs.

2, Features of BELTOP 8 ball bearings

  • High reliability (Figure 1)

bearing life

The fatigue test result of BELTOP 8 ball bearings

Extend the life expectancy by optimizing internal technical parameters and using UE/HTF in the ferrule. In addition, apply the EQTF to the ball, and use the plastic cage instead of the conventional cage to suppress the deterioration of the surface roughness of the ball during the operation of the bearing. So it can extend the service life. In addition, by using the anti-creep technology that increases the rigidity of the outer ring and the addition of a solid lubricating coating. Furthermore, it is possible to suppress an increase in CVT vibration caused by the wear of the bearing housing.

  • Torque reduction (Figure 2, Figure 3)

On one hand, the plastic bearing cage reduces the frictional resistance of the lubricant generated by the bearing rotation. On the other hand, it reduces friction.

ball bearing torque

Figure 2 Relationship between dynamic friction torque and oil quantity

BELTOP8 bearing rotating speed

Figure 3 Relationship between dynamic friction torque and rotational speed

  • Reduce size and weight

Long-life technology (UR, THE, and EQTF) is applied by optimizing internal technical parameters, and the size and weight can be reduced by using a biased channel and a shoulder trim to suppress stray abrasion.

3, BELTOP 8 Ball Bearings Application

BELTOP 8's all features are not only suitable for belt-type continuously variable transmissions, but also for various transmissions, including automatic transmissions and electric vehicles/hybrids. Automotive Transmission. On the other words, NSK's BEL TOP 8 product includes projects based on basic technology, experience, and achievements. Because it is high reliability, low torque, small size and lightweight for a belt-type continuously variable transmission that can have applications in harsh environments. Therefore, rolling bearings have currently usages in many belts CVTs.