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Timken 30303 Bearings

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Timken 30303 Bearings

Issue Time:2019-03-14

Timken is a well-known maker of auto parts that offers customers a warranty that their products will be free from defects for at least a year.Take a moment to learn more details about these wheel bearings for cars. Timken 30303 Bearings are a type of wheel bearing that you can find in auto parts stores or the automotive section of retail websites.

Summary of Timken 30303 Bearings

These are some quick facts about Timken 30303 bearings…

§  Timken designed these bearings to ensure that car wheels will spin quietly and smoothly.

§  The bearings also help maintain the right oil clearance.

§  These bearing will reduce friction resistance between wheel parts.

§  They help improve typical performance and durability of wheels.

§  These Timken 30303 bearings should also help ensure that the tire lasts longer.

This product weighs 4.8 ounces, and the dimensions are 2.4 by 2.4 by 1 inch. If you need the complete part number, it is 30303 90KA1 Timken. However,you can usually just refer to them as Timken 30303 bearings to acquire the right part.

The assembly that you will get will have two parts. These are the:

§  Inner cone

§  Outer rings

Materials Used In The Timken 30303

The bearings are constructed from chrome steel for added rust resistance and durability. The cage material is high-quality steel. These bearings have been rated for temperatures that range from 65 below zero up to 250 degrees F.Unless you plan to send your vehicle to Mars or Venus, you should enjoy a great experience with these bearings in your wheel.

Shopping For 30303 Timken Wheel Bearings

If you decide to purchase these parts online, you can usually get them shipped from the United States pretty quickly. Another factor in your purchase decision might be the shipping speed and shipping price that the supplier offers you.

Of course, other aftermarket companies also offer this kind of tapered roller bearings. Timken is one company with a recognized name in this business.Besides, this size and style of bearing, the company also offers other styles and sizes. For instance, they make bearings both in English inch and Metric sizes. If this product isn’t the size you are looking for, you may just need to search for another product besides the 30303 bearing.

Why Consider Timken Wheel Bearings?

For reliable warranties, durability, and a well-known brand, you might decide that Timken is your bearing maker of choice. These bearings can ensure that you have a smooth ride and long-lasting tires. They’re also warrantied to hold up in almost any conditions, so you probably won’t have to replace them.Even though Timken is a well-known brand, the company’s prices are generally competitive with products from other manufacturers. You probably won’t regret buying Timken wheel bearings.