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What the hell is with the bearing packaging?

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What the hell is with the bearing packaging?
Issue Time:2018-10-10

Bearing packing parts:bearing packaging

1. Parts check

2. demagnetizing cleaning

3. Size check

4. select to pair

5. Clearance check

6. Fixed holder

7. Appearance check

8. demagnetizing cleaning

9. Inspection of finished products

10. Grease, package

When all of the parts are made, the bearing needs tobe put together. First, the inner race is put inside the outer race, only offto one side as far as possible. This makes a space between them on the oppositeside large enough to insert balls between them. The required number of balls isput in, then the races are moved so that they are both centered, and the ballsdistributed evenly around the bearing.

At thispoint, the cage is installed to hold the balls apart from each other. Plasticcages are usually just snapped in, while steel cages usually have to be put inand riveted together. Now that the bearing is assembled, it is coated with arust preventative and packaged for shipping.