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How to choose SKF bearing?

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How to choose SKF bearing?

Issue Time:2018-09-25

It’s important to choose the right SKF bearings and need to thinkmany parts of function and performance.

At present, the request of all kinds of machinery machine andinstrument of roll bearing of industry gradually become strict and increase. Therequest of bearings’ application and function become diversified. The machine equippedSKF bearings has an essential impact for the demand of SKF bearings. General,it needs to study Bearing performance for picking the suitable bearings from alarge number of bearing of structures and scales.

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The first when depends on bearing structure is the bearing thatregards shafting to put, installation, disassemble difficult and easy degree,dimension reachs bearing bazaar sex, bearing place allows the space to wait,when choosing to import bearing so, want to consider above a few elements.Secondly, the bearing scale is determined while comparing the planning life ofvarious machinery of bearing and different endurance limits of bearing. Whenchoosing bearings, we usually only consider the fatigue life of the bearings.Furthermore, depending on the use, it is necessary to select bearings speciallydesigned for requirements such as accuracy, clearance, mounting structure,grease, etc. Secondly, there is no definite order and rules for selecting thebearing. The priority should be given to the conditions, performance and themost direct items requested by the bearing.

For ball bearing and roller bearing of centripetal thrust type, theequipment with large end surface of outer ring should be adopted when using inpairs (that is, the pressure cone pointed outward by its pressure line), sothat the equipment bearing can resist overturning torque, and thepre-tightening quantity adjusted when the temperature changes is less.

Each SKF inlet bearing makes a one-way positioning of the shaft, andthe direction is opposite. This combination is mainly used for the short axis.All radial bearings that can accept at least one directional axial load aresuitable, including deep groove ball bearings and angular touch ball bearings,tapered roller bearings and NJ type cylindrical roller bearings. When usingangular touch ball bearings or tapered roller bearings, it is necessary toapply preloads on certain occasions.

Each SKF inlet bearing makes a one-way positioning of the shaft,with the direction opposite. This combination is mainly used for the shortaxis. Suitable for all radial bearings capable of bearing at least onedirectional axial load, including deep groove ball bearings and angular contactball bearings, tapered roller bearings and NJ cylindrical roller bearings. Whenusing angular contact ball bearings or tapered roller bearings, preloading mustbe done on certain occasions.