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All You Want to Know How to Choose Bearing Lubrication Methods [Quick]

All You Want to Know How to Choose Bearing Lubrication Methods [Quick]

Issue Time:2018-05-29

All You Want to Know How to Choose Bearing Lubrication Methods [Quick]

bearing lubrication
Oil bearing lubrication methods mainly include oil bath lubrication, oil dripping lubrication, circulating oil lubrication, jet lubrication, oil and gas lubrication, etc. Through the circulation of the lubricating oil, it takes away a lot of heat. The lubricants in rolling bearings include mineral oil base and synthetic oil base. These lubricants generally have the following categories, bearing oil, steam turbine oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, internal combustion engine oil, compressor oil, etc.

How to choose the bearing oil

How to choose the type of lubricating oil, in addition to the equipment itself, also consider bearing and what kind of friction pairs co-exist in a mechanism. The main basis of rolling bearing and lubrication are the following factors. Structure and rolling bearing types, installation form and accuracy requirements, working parameters, and equipment requirements, bearing work environment, lubrication, etc. Bearing work environment includes bearing rotating speed, load, temperature, and the device type, etc.

Bearing Material has an influence on bearing lubrication

The influence of rolling bearing structures on lubrication is the main material of rolling bearing components. In general, rolling bearings material is steel material. For this kind of bearings, bearing lubricating oils containing extreme pressure additives (such as gear oil)  you must consider. But there are a few bearings that use soft metal and other materials. And try not to choose this kind of bearing with extreme pressure additives of lubricating oil. You should choose material compatible lubricants, such as turbine oil, air compressor oil, etc.

Different bearings choose different bearing lubrication methods

The rolling bearing has two types are the radial bearing and thrust bearing according to its bearing direction. Use radial bearings generally to support shafts, while use thrust bearings to withstand axial load - oriented shafts. Radial bearings can use general lubricants. While for thrust bearings, you should use extreme pressure anti-wear lubricants with high viscosity as possible.

If the radial bearing limits the viscosity of the lubricating oil, the viscosity of the selected lubricating oil of the thrust bearing should be 1-2 grades higher than that of the lubricating oil for the radial bearing. In addition, according to the different rolling bodies, the rolling bearing has 3 types are ball bearing, roller bearing, and needle bearing. Roller bearing to choose higher than ball bearing 1 ~ 3 grades of lubricating oil viscosity. The choice of needle bearing lubricating oil is basically the same as the roller bearing but should consider where you use the needle roller bearing.