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Q: Thrust bearing VS journal bearing what is the difference?

Q: Thrust bearing VS journal bearing what is the difference?

Update Time:2020/12/29
A: Journal bearing

The part of the shaft supported by the bearing is called the journal, and the part that matches the journal is called the bearing pad. The part made of a full cylindrical bearing is called the shaft sleeve. The upper part is called the bearing cover, the lower part The half is called the bearing housing. The cover and the seat are connected by studs, the joint surface of the two is positioned by the stop or the pin, and shims of different thicknesses can be placed to adjust the bearing clearance. The joint surface of most bearings is horizontal and also inclined to meet the requirement that the load direction is close to perpendicular to the joint surface. In order to facilitate the entry of lubricating oil between the friction surfaces, the bearing cover is provided with an oil injection hole, and the bearing bush has an axial oil groove for distributing lubricating oil. The bearing cover and the seat are mostly made of cast iron, and the cast steel or steel plate welded structure is used to bear the heavy load.

Thrust bearings

thrust bearing

Thrust bearings are generally composed of two thrust washers or more thrust washers and several rolling elements. Generally, thrust washers are divided into shaft pieces and seat pieces. The most common type of rolling elements is made of iron or copper The quality cage is combined into a whole. This type of bearing is most commonly a steel ball thrust bearing.