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Q: How do I select a bearing for use?

Q: How do I select a bearing for use?

Update Time:2020-05-11
A: 1. Load direction. Deep groove ball bearings

 (single row radial ball bearings) or tapered roller bearings can be used as long as they bear radial loads; single direction thrust ball bearings (angular contact bearings) are selected for axial loads only; axial loads and radial loads When alternating, choose deep groove ball bearings, tapered stick bearings, angular contact bearings.

2. The load size. For small loads, priority is given to ball bearings with point contact between the components; when the load is large, the roller bearing with small deformation after large load and impact load should be effectively considered.

3. An axial fixation of rolling bearings (inner circle fixation method) One end of the bearing inner ring is usually positioned with a shoulder or sleeve. At higher speeds and larger axial loads, the shaft end ring can be used to fix (only applicable to the shaft end); when the speed and axial load are low, the shaft can be fixed by an elastic ring; the axial force and Fastening of self-aligning bearings with low speed can be fixed by using fixed bushes and groundnuts; when high speeds and large axial loads are required, use round nuts and brake washers to fix them.