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Q: Why do people use ball bearings?

Q: Why do people use ball bearings?

Update Time:2020/12/7

A: The purpose of ball bearings is to determine the relative position of two parts (usually the shaft and the bearing seat) and ensure their free rotation while transmitting the load between them. At high speeds (eg in gyro ball bearings), this use can be expanded to include free rotation with little wear in the bearings. In order to achieve this state, an adhesive fluid film called an elastic hydrodynamic lubrication film can be used to separate the two parts of the bearing.

Ball bearings are used in various machines and equipment with rotating parts. Designers often have to decide whether ball bearings or fluid film bearings should be used in specific applications. The following characteristics make ball bearings more desirable than fluid film bearings in many applications,

1. The starting friction is small and the working friction is suitable.

2. It can withstand the combined radial and axial loads.

8. Not sensitive to interruption of lubrication.

4. No self-excited instability.

5. The low-temperature start is easy.