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Q: Why are white metal bearings used?

Q: Why are white metal bearings used?

Update Time:2020-03-25
A: Babbitt alloy is white, often called "white alloy". So the bearing uses this kind of bearing material is called white metal bearing.

White alloy bearings have the following characteristics

① Good anti-friction performance. It is required that the friction coefficient between the bearing bush made of bearing alloy and the shaft is small, and it has good lubricity.

② Have a certain compressive strength and hardness to withstand the pressure applied by the rotating shaft; but the hardness should not be too high, so as not to wear the journal.

③ Good plasticity and impact toughness. In order to withstand vibration and shock loads, the shaft and bearing fit well. 

④ Good surface properties. That is, it has good anti-occlusion, compliance and embedding.

⑤ Has good thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and small thermal expansion coefficient.