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Q: What are the types of bearing erosion?

Q: What are the types of bearing erosion?

Update Time:2019-09-20


1, The cavitation

Bearing cavitation is a form of surface damage caused by contact between solid surface and liquid and relative motion.


When the lubricating oil in the oil film of low pressure area, oil will form bubbles, the bubbles movement to high, the pressure under the action of air bubble breaking, the breaking of instant impact and high temperature, solid surface under the effect of the impact of repeated, material fatigue peeling, the friction surface appear small pits, and then developed into the cavernous scars. Cavitation often occurs in sliding bearings with heavy load, high speed and large variation of load and velocity.


2. Fluid erosion

The fluid erosion of bearing means that the fluid impinges on the solid surface violently, which causes fluid erosion and makes the solid surface appear spot scar. The surface of such damage is relatively smooth.


3. Electric erosion

The electric erosion of bearing is to point to because electric motor or electric appliance leakage, produce electric spark between bearing friction surface, cause dot shape scar on friction surface, its characteristic is the damage appears on relatively hard shaft neck surface reciprocating.

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