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Q: The advantages of roller bearings

Q: The advantages of roller bearings

Update Time:2019/7/29

A: 1. The friction coefficient of the rolling bearing is small, so thefriction resistance and starting friction torque of the rolling bearing aresmall, the power consumption is small, and the mechanical efficiency is high;

2. The external dimensions have beenstandardized and interchangeable, and the installation, disassembly and maintenanceare very convenient;

3. The compact axial structure reduces theaxial size of the machine.

4. High precision, small wear, long life, and can maintain the mounting accuracy of shaft for a long time;

5. Bearings with automatic centering feature can still work normally when the spindle has slight deflection or the matchingparts have some different cores;

6. Suitable for professional mass production,stable and reliable quality, and high production efficiency. Lower costs.