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Issue Time:2019-05-09

The day before the May Day holiday, SUNBEARING organized a travel to climb the highest mountain in Dalian. 

Travels Notes

We are a big family

Boss is our parent

She is a beautiful and lovely woman

We work and grow in her love

Very happy and joyful

This day is the day before the May Dayholiday in China.

She took us to climb the highest mountainin Dalian

We walked through the woods, climbed overthe mountains

We encouraged each other to reach thesummit of the mountain

Swimming in the sea of flower, feeling thewinds touch your face, looking at the clouds, overlooking the distance

Happy laughter, we are so happy

Time is always slipping so fast

Fortunately, we have a little photographer-Mr Tao

Took us beautiful photos to memories thisunforgettable experience


Here we are beautiful stories of each other

We are so lucky

I hope you share our happiness.